The other woman

Cheating, a frowned upon experience that leaves people heart broken. We all know someone that has cheated or has been cheated on, however what if you are the other woman. What’s it like? How does it feel? Are you to blame?

Well, I was the other woman for months and honestly I loved it. Not because I enjoyed knowing the other party did not agree to this. That part gave me nightmares and guilt beyond belief, it’s part of the reason why it fizzled out. However he had the best cock I’d ever seen and he actually knew how to use it- gave him multiple high fives for that one. But it wasn’t just damn good sex, it was also thrilling. We shouldn’t have been meeting up to fuck but we were doing it anyway. We stopped using our brains and emotions and thought with our pussies. I’d just gone through the worst breakup of my life and was trying to move forward. I was focusing on myself at the time, surrounding myself with everyone I love and just going out drinking. You know the typical post breakup bullshit. It kept my mind occupied at the time. So this guy, let’s call him Steve, Steve was a customer at my work and I thought he was super sexy. He was 11 years my senior and for some reason I’ve always been attracted to the older dudes. lots of facial hair, a little grey here and there. One day I saw him outside and he looked a little sad, I asked if everything was ok, he said he was sorting out his divorce. Me, being the very single horny sheila I was at the time took this as an opportunity to ask the dude out for a drink… I laugh back at this now but he said yes, we grabbed a beer and hit it off. We grabbed beers most afternoons after that. Very quickly the conversation was all about sex, our kinks, our experiences and just our love for sex in general. Every time I left the bar I was horny as all hell and just couldn’t stop thinking about him fucking me. So one day, thinking he was basically divorced I told him to not look into anything, however I wanted to fuck him and well it turns out so did he. We had this mutual no strings attached agreement where we would meet up, bang and leave. It was blissful. A positive to all of this as well was I actually cleaned my house every week. So an ongoing no strings attached situation is also excellent for the whole organizational aspect too. I hate that I was proud of myself for cleaning my house every week but if you know me, you know I’m a 23 year old chaotic hot mess most of the time. So this was a huge ‘I’m a fucking adult moment for me’.

This mutual agreement went on for months, we had good sex and great conversation. We spoke morning to night, most of it was just good old dirty sexting but we did actually give a shit about each other, I think. Eventually the divorce thing came out as a ‘we went through a rough patch but we are all good now’. So now I’m like, well fuck, I’m officially the other woman. What I should have done was stopped this affair right away however apart of me wasn’t over having his cock inside of me. I hate that I’m saying that but it’s true. I caught some feelings at one point however quickly detached myself because I knew the outcome would not be in my favour. Ladies, know that there’s a slim chance that men will actually leave their wives for you especially if you are already doing the deed. That’s what they want. They are probably having not so great sex or they aren’t fucking at all, so you giving it to them is fulfilling that need and most likely making them a better partner to their significant other.

Eventually, the guilt of it all kind of took over me. I would still talk with him however never really follow through on the actual sex thing. I think I was all sexed out at this point aswell, I wanted someone to also care about me. We did meet up one other time late at night, I was really intoxicated and had red lipstick on. We screwed in his car for a brief second and I think he got freaked out. The perfume, lipstick. I mean if I was trying to successfully keep an affair I would to. So he ended up leaving and saying that he would come over on Tuesday. He messaged me the rest of the night as usual. The next morning I shot him a text apologizing for being such a mess the night before and I never heard anything from him. Tuesday rolls around, still nothing. I was like shit she knows. I don’t know if she knows it’s me but she knows he’s been fucking someone else. I haven’t spoken to him since and I’m assuming I won’t hear anything from him again. At the end of the day I fucked up when I knew he wasn’t single, I put myself first, however I never had a commitment to a relationship or theirs for that matter. One of my biggest pet peeves is when women and men take it out on the other person. Why? What do they owe you? nothing. It’s your significant other you need to be mad at.

At the end of the day I don’t regret this. He helped me not go back to my ex partner multiple times and I’m thankful for that. I regret the fact that I actually came across an almost perfect cock though. I haven’t gotten one like that since and now I just feel a little disappointed by all the rest. But time will move on and I will get used to the normal penis again. So Steve if you read this, work out how to love your wife and sort your shit out. I know it’s easier judging from the outside than in, however if you are willing to do this to your monogamist relationship then there’s a problem. You aren’t being fair to you, your wife or anyone else for that matter. It’s just selfish.

Love Always, Ashley

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